Use Squidoo to Generate Traffic to your Website or Capture Page

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Use Squidoo to generate traffic to your website or capture page

Squidoo is an extremely useful website that allows you to write articles (or lenses as they refer to them) on any topic you choose.

Why is this useful?

This allows you to write articles about your website, blog, or capture page, and create backlinks to them.

Getting backlinks from a site as popular as Squidoo is a great way to get your website indexed by search engines like Google.

Another great thing about Squidoo is that they pay you commission dollars if the viewers who are visiting your articles (or lenses) click on ads and purchase products or services from their advertisers.

Squidoo is absolutely free to join and they even offer a referral program so that anyone you refer to sign up for an account will earn you a shared percentage of that persons commission dollars.

Start writing lenses. Start getting backlinked. Start generating traffic.

Sign up for a Squidoo account - It's Free!

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