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(7/1/2014) Daily Paycheck Network

Daily Paycheck Network is a brand new marketing system which allows users to promote two brand new ZNZ sites, a residual income opportunity AND the ability to promote your ZNZADTEAM custom page from your system!

You'll also notice that you can promote Daily Paycheck Network from your custom ZNZADTEAM page as well, so these two opportunities will mirror eachother, enabling you to earn even more by utilizing both of these systems!

The new ZNZADTEAM.COM custom page layout looks like this:

new znzadteam layout

You'll notice that directly below the video is a new button for your referrals to click on, which will bring them to your Daily Paycheck Network capture page.


You can now enter your Daily Paycheck Network affiliate link when creating your ZNZADTEAM custom page (as shown in the image below):

new znzadteam layout

Unfortunately, as of right now, existing users who don't currently have this new feature will have to create a new custom page by clicking here.

You'll also be required to use a different email address and username than the ones currently associated with your existing ZNZADTEAM.COM account.

We are currently working on creating a new feature inside your back office which will allow existing to users to update their pages to the new format without creating a new page. This update will be applied to the system within the next month, however, if you'd like to start utilizing this new feature immediately, then please create a new page here.

We will also be updating the presentation video within the next month as well, which will include a short sales "pitch" regarding Daily Paycheck Network. This will help increase the overall click through rate of the new added button.

The presentation will also be adjusted to reflect the recent changes in offer credit requirements for ZNZ One and ZNZ Two. You can read more about these changes here.

If you'd like to check out this brand new marketing system visit:


Please keep in touch with our news and updates section for additional information.

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