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(7/1/2014) ZNZ Single

ZNZ Single is a brand new site from ZipNadaZilch which pays out $10 per referral completion and has a 1.00 credit offer requirement.

This site was created due to multiple companies lowering the payout value in commissions earned for completing offers, which in turn, required ZipNadaZilch to lower the credit values for some of the offers listed on their site.

With the recent change in offer credit values, some of the other sites from ZipNadaZilch, such as ZNZ One and ZNZ Two, are now a little more difficult to meet the offer requirements for, which ultimately lowered conversion rates for those sites. (click here to learn more about these recent changes)

But don't worry.. because this is the exact reason why ZNZ Single was created!

ZNZ Single does have a lower payout amount per referral completion, however, the conversion rates will be much higher, which means that you'll have more people actually completing their offer requirements, allowing you to receive those $10 payouts more often.

If you'd like to sign up for ZNZ Single, then click the link below:

Sign up for ZNZ Single

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