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znz bar You will now be able to utilize a traffic stats tool for your Custom ZNZ Page!

Monitoring traffic statistics is extremely important when it comes to any kind of marketing campaign. This simple yet important tool will help you analyze how much traffic is coming to your custom ZNZ page on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. This is called the page views report.

znz page views

You will also be able to see exactly where your traffic is coming from. This is called the referrer report.

znz referrer

Why are these tools important?

Well, if you ever find yourself wondering why you're not making any money online with various marketing programs then the first thing you need to look at is the amount of traffic you're generating. There are a numerous amount of systems that take care of most of the headaches for you such as creating a website, recording videos, making powerpoint presentations, etc..

However, if you're not generating any traffic then those systems simply will not work for you.

This traffic stats tool allows you to analyze all of these key measurements for the traffic that is being driven to your Custom ZNZ Page. Analyzing these statistics and developing solid strategies around these statistics play a crucial role in the success factor of your marketing campaign.

For example,
You notice that you have a major traffic increase every Wednesday afternoon but then it drops suddenly on Thursday morning.. Why is that?

Well, think about what you did prior to the traffic increase on Wednesday.. Think about what you did (or didn't do) prior to the decrease on Thursday.. Check where your traffic is coming from as well..

This type of analysis will allow you to improve the overall effectiveness of your efforts and enable you to make changes to your strategies for future improvements.

It's not just luck. It's a formula.
You need to analyze, interpret and improve.

Don't just mope around crying about how you're not making any money! Get out there and do some research so you can figure it out!

The icon for your ZNZ Stats Tool looks like this:
znz small traffic icon

The ZNZ Traffic Stats Tool can be located at the bottom left-hand side of your Custom ZNZ Page as shown in the example below:
traffic stats location
(Note: this icon may appear in a slightly different location depending upon which browser you're using)

If your custom page was created before March of 2013 then you might not have the traffic stats tool on your page. You can easily add this new feature by submitting a request for it here:

Submit a Request

If you'd like to watch a ZNZ training video regarding traffic generation and how to utilize the ZNZ traffic stats tool then click the link below:

ZNZ Training Video - Generating Traffic & Viewing Traffic Stats


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