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ZNZ One Referral Sign Up| ZNZ One Completion| NetSpend Follow Up

ZNZ One Referral Sign Up


My name is (Your Name Here) and I'm your sponsor for ZNZ One.
I'm here to help you get set up and ready to start promoting your campaign. ZNZ is another form of affiliate marketing and is an easy to way to make some extra money working online by promoting the program. As your ZNZ sponsor I'm here to help you get your account set up and show you different methods that you can promote this program with. Once you complete your offer requirements you can use the training and tools sections on the website to help you get started. If you'd like to sign into your account and finish the offer requirements just visit: http://one.zipnadazilch.com/login.php Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks for your time
(Your Name Here)

ZNZ One Completion


You've completed your credit requirements and can now begin referring people to join ZNZ One and earn $20 for each referral!

I'm your ZNZ sponsor and I'm here to help you through the whole process from getting set up all the way to helping you learn how to get referrals.

I suggest completing the training and checking out the tools that are provided at:

Please remember that you can earn an additional $20 per referral through NetSpend and $100 per referral through HostGator! If you haven't completed steps 2 & 3 yet please visit: http://www.znzadteam.com/users/yourusernamehere

If you have any further questions please remember that as your sponsor, I am here to help you.

Your Name Here

NetSpend Follow Up

You're one step away from receiving your $20 bonus for the NetSpend Refer-a-Friend program!

Once you receive your card simply activate the card online here:

Once your card has been activated simply load a minimum of $40 to the card and receive your $20 bonus!

Once you receive your bonus you will then be eligible to start referring others and earn $20 per referral!

You can use your prepaid NetSpend card at any business that accepts Visa.
Loading your card to earn the $20 bonus is an easy decision because just think about it this way:

If you were already planning on doing some shopping then you can load your card, receive your $20 bonus and have extra money to spend!

So why not?

Plus, you'll become eligible to start earning additional bonuses by referring others!

For a list of locations where you can load your NetSpend card visit: